Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Irma’s uncertain track means local Emergency Management has begun preparation for a possible Cat 4. It would be wise to beat the rush and make preliminary arrangements. Be prepared for three to five days without electricity. Get your propane, fill gas tanks and prescriptions, gather water, batteries and non-perishable food. Check your generator and locate the boards for the windows. One of the many good preparation lists is available at

Alabama Teen Challenge

Alabama Teen Challenge is a local resource that may be helpful to you as you help families. Endorsed by the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home, Teen Challenge is a one year, residential, Christ centered program for life controlling behaviors and addictions. For more information visit or call their Bay Minette office at 251-580-0091.

Doctoral Student Survey

Dear Ministry Leader,


Greetings! My Name is Kevin Bryce Saxton and I am a Doctor of Philosophy Candidate at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I also serve as a pastor in a local church in South Florida. As part of my dissertation in the area of leadership, I am conducting a survey to gauge ministry philosophy of the churches in the Southern Baptist Convention.


This survey will take less than five minutes to complete and is best undertaken by providing your first, instinctual reaction to the ten questions. Any member of your staff (whether vocational, bi-vocational, or volunteer) who is familiar with the ministry strategy of the church is eligible to participate.


As a token of appreciation for completing the survey, churches which complete the survey by Monday, February 13, 2017 will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 Amazon gift card. The card will be mailed to the selected church later that week.


To access the survey, please utilize this link:


I very much appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. I truly believe that the data gleaned from this survey will serve to strengthen the effectiveness of the churches in the SBC.

May God bless you and the church which you serve.



Kevin Bryce Saxton, Ph.D. Candidate

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Wright Word March – May 2023

Wright Word, March – May 2023

Thomas Wright, Associational Missionary

Emphasizing Biblical Prayer, Evangelistic Ministries, Church Development, Church Planting, Partnership Missions

The Shepherd
John 10 provides an excellent look at shepherds and sheep. Verse one warns about thieves sneaking in to harm the sheep. Verse two introduces the shepherd as protector and provider. In verses 12-13 Jesus distinguishes between the hireling and the shepherd. He says in verse 13 “The man runs because he is a hired hand [who serves only for wages] and is not concerned about the [safety of the] sheep” (AMP). The Shepherd needs to protect the flock from individuals who want to impose their will on the rest of the congregation. The health and future of the church suffer when the wolves are given victory. Shepherds need to maintain the difficult responsibility to protect the flock.

Members need to encourage biblical leadership that looks outward. They need to prohibit individuals from imposing personal preferences on the rest of the congregations.

Springtime Outreach Events/Evangelistic Party Trailer
It is time to restart outreach events by each church in each community. Research indicates people need to hear a message at least five times for it to be remembered or acted upon. This is why you see the same commercial repeated many times.

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