Impact Mobile Annual Associational Missions Offering

This offering was created to provide an opportunity for churches to respond to the changes in denominational funding. It also provides an opportunity for members and churches to include the level of cooperative giving through the budget what they would like to give.Thank you to those churches who continue to promote the Impact Mobile Associational Offering.

We can print posters and brochures with any date that best fits your church calendar. The promoted date in the month of October each year corresponds with the nationwide Week of Prayer for Baptist  Associations.

You can download all sorts of resources on the Impact Mobile offering by clicking below!

All pdf files can be printed in color or black and white. When electing to print black and white, you need to click on “file” then print. Choose  printer properties. From there, select the “color tab” and select grayscale. Files listed as “pub” are Microsoft Publisher® files.

For Impact Mobile Offering Envelopes, contact the MBA office.

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