Yes, we want to help pray for the people on every street in Mobile County!


  1. The first step is to decide to participate. There is registration for individuals and churches below.
  2. Second, decide who will lead for your congregation. A member of the prayer committee, evangelism committee, Sunday School or Student ministry are possible leaders and participants.
  3. Third, decide which areas you want to prayer walk/drive between now and October 2017. Teams of two or three begin nearest the church and work outward. Some members/teams will prayer walk their neighborhoods and neighborhoods around the church many times. Participants who want to help prayer walk other parts of the County can come back to this web site to see which Street Atlas pages still need to be chosen.
  4. Please register below to let us know your church will participate, the contact person and the pages of the Keith Maps 2016 Street Atlas you choose. It is great that the people on some streets will be prayed for many times.


  1. Click here for a Power Point Presentation that provides process and training information. It adapts and abbreviates the SBC’s Taking Prayer to the Streets training material for use in #prayerwalkmobile. Click here for a text copy of the PowerPoint process and training information.
  2. How long and how far you walk is determined by each church. Get a map to assign streets. Highlight streets that have been completed. For simplicity and easy coordination, we suggest using the Keith Map Service 2016 Street Atlas of Mobile County (purchase one here keithmaps.com). Your church can choose part of a page, a whole page or hopefully several pages. The MBA will use a Master Copy of the Street Atlas to confirm each page has been chosen and prayerwalked.
  3. The SBC Executive committee offers a free Prayer walk training manual at sbc.net/inallthingspray/resources/TakingPrayertotheStreet.pdf (TPS). It contains extensive step by step information and instructions about prayer walking. Click here to download a copy directly from our server. See above for the modified version specific to #prayerwalkmobile.
  4. Check with Bro. Thomas, the moderators or any member of the Biblical Prayer and Evangelistic Ministries (Chair, Al Brown, brownal07@gmail.com) committees for more information.


  1. Come back to this link prayerwalk.mobilebaptists.org after the prayer walk(s) to record which pages of the 2016 Street Atlas have been completed at least once.
  2. We will celebrate the results in the MBA Annual Missions Celebration (Annual Session), October 5, 2017 at Moffett Road Baptist Church.
  3. Include the resource pray4everyhome.com to continuously pray for and share Jesus with every person in Mobile County.
  4. Watch the News Alerts, Newsletter and this page for several simultaneous prayer walking events that will occur across the county.
  5. #prayerwalkmobile is coordinating with other denominations and churches hearing the same call to pray for Mobile.

Pages of the Keith Maps Street Atlas that have been claimed: (Pages can be claimed by more than one.)

3, 4 – (completed) Creola FBC
5, 6 North of CR88 (Mason Perry) & North of Chunchula & Georgetown Roads – Fellowship BC
7 – Turnerville BC
7, 8 – Creola FBC
15-17 – Lafitte BC
17, 18 – (completed) Satsuma FBC
17 south of Celeste Road (completed), 18 south of Celeste Road; east of Hwy 43 up to Willie Cook Ave – (completed) New Pilgrim Missionary BC
22-24 – (completed) (22 -along Hwy 158 & Kushla-McLeod from Rose Mary to Hwy 45); (23- From Kushla-McLeod to Dogwood Trail, from Hwy 45 west); (24 – College Park between Hwy 158 & Shelton Beach Road) – Shadow Lawn BC
31, 32 – Crawford BC
33, 34 (completed), 40 – Highpoint BC
35 – (completed) Chickasaw FBC
41 – Moffett Road BC
41, 42 – Forest Hill BC
45 – Citronelle Memorial BC
47-50, (completed); 37 south of Tanner Williams (completed); 51 west of Schillinger Road (completed); 58/downtown, 59,  – Sonrise BC
50, (completed) 51 – West Mobile BC
52, 62 – (completed) Hope of the Nations
59-62, 69-72 – Woodridge BC
62, 63, 64 – Cottage Hill BC
64 – Azalea BC
69, 70, 71A591 (completed) – FBC Dawes
73, 74 – Cypress Shores BC
75, 76 – Parkway Southern BC
75, 76 – Riverside BC
80, 82, 83, 85, 86 – (completed) Theodore FBC
87 – (completed) – Irvington FBC
87, 88 – St. Elmo FBC
89, 90, 93, 95, 96, 97 – (completed) Theodore FBC
93 – Dauphin Island BC
95 (Row C – Row H) (completed) which includes pg. 46 – FBC Bayou La Batre
Snow Rd subdivisions between Moffett and Wolff Rds – 3Circle Semmes

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