International Christmas Celebration & Christmas Gifts for Seafarers

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As of December 3, 2023, there are 45 ships paid for with donations. That leaves 35 still waiting for donations. Please consider donating $275 for a ship, or however many gifts you can at $12.50 per gift. Donate online below.

Christmas Gifts for Seafarers

This year, we need $22,000 (above and beyond regular budget) as we plan to distribute 1,760 Christmas gifts for Seafarers on at least 80 vessels. The cost is anticipated to be $12.50 for one gift. You can sponsor one or more Seafarers, or you can help gift an entire ship for $275 per ship (average 22 Seafarers per ship). It is not too early to send your gift(s). Donate online to this vital mission project below.

This year to date, we have given away 983 International Bibles (including Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) and 1,128 English NT Bible packs. In addition to the above figures, out of the average of 1,600-1,800 ships that come to Mobile annually, you have made it possible for us to visit 1,075 ships and transport 2,463 Seafarers.

Donate to gifts for seafarers:
Please Note: in 2023 it cost $275 per ship or $12.50 per gift

  1. Notate International Ministries Seafarer Gifts on your offering check given to your church.
  2. Donate through your online banking; thus, have your bank send a check.
  3. Mail checks payable to:
    International Ministries – (NOTATE: Seafarer Gifts)
    616 Azalea Road
    Mobile, AL 36609
  4. Donate electronically via PayPal or credit card: