Evangelistic Ministries

Evangelistic Ministries
Luke 4:18-19; Luke 19:10

“Encouraging MBA Churches to Pray for and to Share Jesus with Every Person in Mobile County”

The goal of the Evangelistic Ministries Emphasis is to help every MBA church to enlist and train Evangelistic Ministries Committees. These committees can help with our goal to pray for and share Jesus with every person in Mobile County.

Let us help you through our evangelism training and outreach events. To learn about and register for the various Training Opportunities, visit the Training Opportunities page. One effective tool we have are the Evangelistic Party Trailers.

Please pray for us to find a MSC Evangelistic Ministries Coordinator

Mission Service Corp missionaries are self funded missionaries approved by the North American Mission Board. They serve a minimum of 20 hours a week. Please contact Thoams Wright if you or your church would like to help support his ministry in Mobile County. For more information about MSC missionaries visit www.namb.net/msc