The Mobile Baptist

December 2019 - February 2020
Volume 22 Issue 4

MBA Office Closing

December 23, 2019 - January 3, 2020 - Christmas and New Year's Day
January 20 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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• Sign-up - Choose a zip code from the list below and choose if you want to be a Host Church or a Participating Church.

• Adopt - if you are a host church, go to and adopt the zip code you chose. (Participating Churches will contact the Host Church to let them know they will help.)

• Receive - Saturate USA will send the Host Church materials for FREE! The Materials will include: door hangers, gospel tracts, multi-language Jesus films, maps of the zip codes (Including carrier routes), and other helpful information. 

• Assemble - Host churches will cooperate with the Participating Churches to assemble packets and devise a strategy to cover the adopted area. Include information about your church in each packet. Click here for a Church Info Card Publisher file which can be edited and printed.

• Saturate - Go out and deliver saturate packets to your entire area. This can be done in a couple of weeks, or an entire year, depending on your goals and schedule.

• ReportHost churches report when the coverage is complete. Mark it completed on the zip code you adopted at, and do the same at Also, report any testimonies, pictures or videos.  

Fill out and submit the form below to sign-up.

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Thank You Mobile Baptists
for participating in the
2019 Walk for Bibles and International Ministries (WFBIM)

Your prayer support and financial gifts are vital to the ministry of the International Language School, MBA International Churches, and out-reach to seafarers.

To date, we have received $10,495.50 from 19 MBA Churches and numerous individuals and donations continue coming. We praise the LORD for every gift!

A special shout-out to Hollinger’s Island Baptist Church and pastor, Dr. James Mercer. This church alone has contributed more than $3,850! This kind of giving translates into daily prayer and volunteer support.

Join us in praying:

• for more Port Chaplains and for someone to coordinate the activities of the Port Chaplains

• for volunteers to help with childcare for the International Language School

• for your involvement in helping begin a Spanish speaking church


The MBA WMU Leadership Team sends a big Thank You to the 10 churches and numerous individuals who donated over 450 backpacks to make Christmas brighter for children living along the Mississippi River who are among some of the poorest in the U.S. For more information visit


International Ministries need several Volunteer Port Chaplains who can drive to and from the ships. The chaplains need to lead Bible Studies on the ships at various times. Volunteers must pass a background check for TWIC access to the ships. Please contact Gerald Burch for more information, via email or 251-661-7111.


International Christmas Celebration


Saturday, December 7, 2019
6:00 p.m.
Dauphin Way Baptist Church

We invite everyone to come and be a part of spreading Christmas cheer with Internationals living in Mobile County and seafarers through our celebration at Dauphin Way Baptist Church on December 7, 2019. This is a family event filled with Christmas spirit and much more.

The MBA international churches and WMU Leadership Team will provide the food.

Come and fellowship with International brothers and sisters in Christ, as we all experience worshiping God in different languages.

The MBA international churches will lead in worship through song.

2019 Christmas Gifts for Seafarers

Everyone loves gifts at Christmas. Would you consider helping us share the real reason of Christmas through providing small gifts to seafarers and other Internationals in need? Each year we try to provide these individuals with simple gifts such as:

• Crew Neck white t-shirts (Med., Large & XL sizes only)

• White Tube Socks

• Shampoo

• Toothpaste

• Toothbrushes

• Dental Floss

• Portable shaving kits

Please bring these items to the MBA office by November 21, 2019.


Visit for more information.


The ILS offers beginning and intermediate Spanish in the fall. Contact Kim via email or 251.533.2911 to register.

The ILS currently has 105 students from 30 countries. There are currently 35 volunteers working in the ILS.

This ministry to internationals in Mobile is financially supported by gifts from MBA churches. We are deeply grateful for all financial contributions to International Ministries and for volunteers who teach and show hospitality in the Language School. Businesses, churches, and individuals are encouraged to sponsor students by giving money for language Bibles, books, and supplies. You are welcome to donate any amount, as the Lord leads. Please contact Gerald Burch or Kim Wilson if you would like to help.    

You can also help by:
1) donating hospitality items (bottled water, tea bags, fresh bread or pastries, and K-cups)
2) donating your time – We need volunteers to help serve refreshments during tea time, help with office work, and teach
4) praying – We need prayer partners to pray for the students and teachers. Pray that God’s Glory will be made known in and through this ministry. 

Please bring the above mentioned items to the Associational office (616 Azalea Road) or contact Mrs. Kim Wilson at 251.533.2911 or via email.


Executive Committee Meeting


Monday, January 13, 2020
11:30 a.m.
Government Street Baptist Church

Lunch will be available for $5 p/person.

Every MBA church member is welcome. Every senior pastor is a member of the Executive Committee. Join us to help communicate why churches support Associational Missions.

• Camp Whispering Pines update

• International Ministries update

• Church Development update

• Disaster Relief deployments, training and preparation updates

• Metro Mobile Baptist Campus Ministries update

***Our Executive Committee has overall responsibility for the directions, strategy, and processes of the MBA. It is composed of the general officers of the Association, the Executive Officer of each of the several Associational programs, the Chair of each standing committee, the pastors of the churches, and one lay member of each church in the Association having a membership of up to and including 1,000, and one additional member for each additional 1,000 members or fraction thereof, providing that no church shall have more than a total of four members.


Click here to register for a training event.


Sunday School/Small Group Celebration


Tuesday, January 28, 2020
6:30 p.m.
Spring Hill Baptist Church

featuring Dr. Rick Lance
Special music by Tommy Quinn, Associate Pastor of Worship at Tillman's Corner First Baptist Church

State Missionary Rick Lance was elected in June of 1998 to serve as executive director of the State Board of Missions and treasurer of the Alabama Baptist Convention. Rick leads state missions efforts and facilitates Great Commission Ministries for the Convention’s 3,200+ churches and more than one million Alabama Baptists.

Come enjoy great food, fellowship and encouraging words as we join and celebrate achievements in Sunday School/Small Groups. More details to come soon.


Church Tax Conference


Thursday, January 16, 2020
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
MBA office (616 Azalea Road)

Get the latest updates on tax changes affecting ministers, staff and churches. For questions, contact Linda Hicks at; 334.613.2263 or 800.624.1225 extension 263.


Reaching Your Group Digitally


Tuesday, February 4, 2020
6:30 p.m.
MBA office (616 Azalea Road)

Communicating digitally is becoming the primary way most people receive information and generate conversation. This hour long session will provide data and suggestions on how to navigate the ever-changing tools and generations that need to be reached. You will be informed and equipped to evolve your communication methods for any audience or purpose.

Mitchell Bruce is theDigital Media Specialist for the Alabama WMU and will lead this presentation.

Pre-register for this free event at or by contacting the MBA office by Thursday, January 30, 2019.

Please note: if not enough participants are pre-registered, the event is subject to cancellation.

This, and other like events, are made possible by donations to Associational Missions and the Cooperative Program.


Minister's Tax Conference


Tuesday, February 18, 2020
9:00 a.m. - Noon
MBA office (616 Azalea Road)

How can ordained ministers save tax dollars? Ministers, financial secretaries, personnel and finance committees will benefit from this conference. For questions, contact Linda Hicks at; 334.613.2263 or 800.264.1225 extension 263.


Baptist Campus Ministries exists to reach, grow and send collegians and to help our churches do the same. We are here to help you, support you, consult with you, strategize with you and partner with you.

Let's take the Gospel to the campus together!

Jerrod Brown
Metro Mobile Baptist Campus Ministries



Camp Whispering Pines

Come home to YOUR
Camp Whispering Pines!


Serving Christ by Serving Others,
Serving Others by Sharing Christ

Visit or call 251-866-7868.


Bring Good News and Proclaim Peace
Encouragement to Mobile Baptists is provided in Nahum 1:15, “Look, there on the mountains, the feet of one who brings good news, who proclaims peace! (NIV)” The followers of Jesus have the incredible honor to bring good news and proclaim peace to Mobile County and beyond. Our Saturate Mobile emphasis helps to challenge and coordinate our churches to touch every home in order to pray for and share Jesus with every person in our County.


Saturate Mobile October 2019 - October 2020
The Evangelistic Ministries/Missions Committee is challenging MBA churches to Saturate Mobile County with prayer and gospel witness. Registration provides a map of your zip code(s) and enough free materials to saturate that zip code(s). Churches in the same zip code will work together, to pray for, and share literature with every home. Free materials include a door hanger bag, Jesus Movie CD and a tract. Churches also can include information about their church and a New Testament. Visit for more information.  


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Church News and Events 

Parkway Southern Baptist Church and other partnering churches, invite you to attend a Community Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, November 24, 2019, 6:00 p.m. at Parkway Southern Baptist Church. Come enjoy a mass choir, encouraging message and sweet fellowship.