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ALCAP Alert - Contact your Senator about the Gambling Bill


Let your Senators hear from you!

As expected, the Alabama Senate took up debate on Sen. Del Marsh’s gambling bill, SB214, today. None of the senators who spoke offered any opposition to the bill, only compliments to the sponsor and suggesting “minor tweaks” to the bill. As promised, Sen. Marsh moved to “carry over” the bill until February 23 when the legislators return from a planned break.

Much of the discussion today focused on the “beneficiaries” of the gambling money. The bill (as it currently reads) calls for farmers to get money, broadband to be provided in rural areas, junior college, vocational schools and four-year colleges to get scholarship money, prisons, rural hospitals, and a host of other “beneficiaries” to receive part of the “pie.” What was never discussed is from where all that money will come, but I can tell you! — The money will come from the pockets of losers (and most of those will be among the poorest citizens of our state)! Citizens who live in upscale neighborhoods and make a lot of money will not be buying enough lottery tickets or gambling enough money away at casinos to pay for all the things the bill says the gambling money will support. Also, the amount of money that gambling will generate is a “pipe dream”! It is not a sustainable amount of revenue year-after-year.

The bill also calls for 5 casinos around the state (one of which will be a new one owned and operated by the Poarch Creek Indians in Northeast Alabama), but senators lined up to argue why their own districts should have casinos, as well. The sponsor responded that the proposed “Gaming" (a.k.a., Gambling) Commission would be able to add two additional casinos at their discretion, for a total of SEVEN casinos all over the state!

Most of the people who gamble at casinos live within a 50-mile radius of the casino, so that means most of the money these casinos bring in will come from the citizens of Alabama! The $700M the Governor’s Gambling Study Committee said in their report that would come from state-sanctioned casinos and a state-sponsored lottery will be coming from the citizens of Alabama! It may be a “voluntary tax,” but it is a tax that is based on DECEPTION! (Gambling bosses promise everyone that they will "strike it rich," but the games are rigged in favor of the casinos and the state always gets their "cut of the lottery money." Gambling is FRAUDULENT at its root!) And, as mentioned earlier, it will not continue to bring in the dollars they promise! Gambling never does! (Remember how the Birmingham Racetrack promised that the Birmingham City Schools would never want for money if the people of Jefferson County would just vote to legalize horse racing?!)

The senators kept repeating that their constituents want to vote on gambling, but how many of those people will understand what they are deciding? They will only hear and read what the casino bosses, the tribal gambling bosses and the lottery management companies want them to hear and read. Opponents will not have the financial resources to communicate the true story of how gambling destroys economies, how it destroys businesses and how it destroys families.

Sen. Marsh said he was carrying over the bill until they return on February 23, so the senators could hear from their constituents. WELL, LET THEM HEAR FROM YOU!!! CONTACT YOUR ALABAMA STATE SENATOR THIS WEEK AND TELL HIM/HER TO VOTE “NO” ON SB214!!! WE NEED TO FLOOD THEIR PHONE LINES AND EMAILS WITH OUR VOICES OF OPPOSITION!!! Click here to find your Alabama State Senator. If we don’t contact them, we will not be able to stop the construction of casinos in our communities and the local convenience stores will have people lined up to buy lottery tickets EVERY DAY (not just when there is a large, multi-state jackpot)!!! Small businesses will suffer because people will be gambling away their money and not buying goods and services; sales tax revenue will plummet, hurting local governments and the Alabama Education Trust Fund Budget, which gets $.04 out of every sales tax dollar; Medicaid rolls will increase because people are gambling instead of providing for their family’s healthcare needs; and taxes will be raised on all of us (even non-gamblers) in order to cover the deficits. This won’t happen immediately, but it will eventually take place.

Also, pro-gambling forces will come back to the State Legislature every year wanting to expand gambling because “the original games just aren’t bringing in as much as we thought and promised.” And, what about all those groups that were promised a “piece of the pie”? They will not get what they were promised and they will begin to struggle to make ends meet. If you doubt me, look at states such as New Jersey, Illinois and California. These states have a huge amount of gambling, and yet they have some of the highest taxes in the nation (not to mention that they are perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy)!

For more information on the gambling issue, read the document I presented to the Governor’s Gambling Study Committee last summer and/or watch the video I produced last fall. Also, check out the links at our website (www.ALCAP.com), and especially the Stop Predatory Gambling website (www.StopPredatoryGambling.org).


Joe Godfrey, Executive Director
email: jgodfrey@alcap.com

ALCAP Contact Information:
2376 Lakeside Drive
Birmingham, AL 35244

Cheryl Corley, Administrative Assistant
email: ccorley@alcap.com

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Disaster Relief Training March 4-6, 2021

Disaster Relief Training

March 4-6, 2021

Airport Boulevard Baptist Church

Certification options include:
  • Chaplaincy
  • Chainsaw
  • Cleanup/Recovery/Mudout
  • Shower/Laundry
  • Administration
  • Temporary Child Care
New volunteers may choose any option with the requirement of ISBIDR (Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief). Current volunteers may take a refresher course in their current certification, or choose to cross-train in another area in order to be more readily able to serve and deploy.

After this past year, we are painfully aware of how many people are needed to respond to the devastating effects of a hurricane, and we experienced it twice in one year!

Register online, sbdr.org/event/disaster-relief-training-mobile, or by sending an email to disasterrelief@mobilebaptists.org, or by calling the MBA office at 661-7111. Give your name, email address, preferred course, and if you are a new or current volunteer. We will get in touch with you about the next step and how to pay for the class(es). Deadline to register is February 23.

International Ministries News, Events and Special Needs

Week of Prayer for Mobile International Ministries March 15 – 21, 2021

This year’s Week of Praryer for Mobile International Ministries is March 15-21, 2021. For Churches who are interested, we plan to have a brief PowerPoint presentation and a 2-3 minute video about MBA’s International Ministries available for your use. Please lead your church in this vital time of prayer for the Internationals in our community. We have more than 74 different language groups who live in Mobile. Also remember, the International Language School is a major part of our outreach to these who live among us.

Specifically, we are praying that God’s Holy Spirit will move among the Internationals here in a way that each may encounter Jesus personally as Savior and make Him LORD of their lives. We will pray that Seafarers will take the Gospel to their families here and in their lands of origin. We will also pray that the LORD will provide resources and personnel to allow us to be a part of what He is doing.

Special Needs and Building for Lease

Storm Damage Repairs Needed
As with many churches, the International Ministries Center/facility (IMC) at 605 Texas Place, was damaged during Hurricane Sally in September of 2020. Although the damage was not devastating, part of the metal outside wall corner was torn open. We need to find the least expensive way possible to repair this damage so as to prevent further damage to the interior wall and/or roof from wind and rain.

If you know of someone who can make the necessary repairs, please have them contact Gerald Burch, Director of International Ministries and Church Plating at 251-661-7111 or at gburch@mobilebaptists.org.

Lawn Care Needed
This past 2020 year, we were blessed to have several churches cut and trim the 5 acre yard at the IMC free of charge. Already this year, the grass growing season has begun. At a bare minimum, we need volunteers who can cut and trim every three weeks. If you can help and/or know someone that can help, please contact Gerald Burch, at 251-661-7111 or at gburch@mobilebaptists.org. If we cannot get volunteers, we appreciate an estimate for cutting and trimming.

International Ministries Center/facility for Lease
The IMC has been for sale for several years. During this last calendar year, we had buyers make legitimate offers only to have them cancel due to failure by the Mobile City District Commissioner to grant the necessary zoning changes. We are interested in leasing it to a church or Non-Profit until we can get approval for a sale. Interested parties should contact Gerald Burch, at 251-661-7111 or at gburch@mobilebaptists.org.

Metro Mobile Baptist Campus Ministries is for the Churches

Metro Mobile Baptist Campus Ministries has been hard at work despite the many challenges and changes to ways of doing ministry because of the pandemic. Campus ministers, Jerrod and Beth keep up with many of their students in bible study groups through online platforms.

Baptist Campus Ministries exists to reach, grow and send collegians and to help our churches do the same. We are here to help you, support you, consult with you, strategize with you and partner with you.

Let's take the Gospel to the campus together!
Jerrod Brown
Metro Mobile Baptist Campus Ministries
Come home to YOUR
Camp Whispering Pines!

Camp Whispering Pines is available for all your groups, small and large. Contact us today at 251-866-7868.


All Who Are Thirsty
retreat for all adults

March 19-21, 2021

$100 per person
Deadline to register is March 5.

This is a different kind of retreat with multiple sessions, multiple speakers, and times of worship. There will be good food, fellowship, and a call for a deeper walk with the Lord. We all experience times of dryness in our lives and times of great thirst. This may be just the thing for you. Register today: campwhisperingpines.com/all-who-are-thirsty

Summer 2021 Camps Open to ALL

Summer Camps
Summer Camps info


Seeking Full-Time Camp Director

Camp Whispering Pines, a 265 bed ministry of Mobile Baptist Association in Citronelle, AL is accepting resumes for Camp Director. Seeking a gifted administrator who is committed to evangelistic ministry, preferably with SBC seminary degree and minimum three years camp management experience. Visit campwhisperingpines.com for job description, candidate requirements and additional information. Email resumes before April 30, 2021 to mrbedford@bellsouth.net.

This Camp Relief Fund is essential for the camp to survive.

THANK YOU to all who have given thus far.

Please click here to download a letter about the finances at CWP. If you have any problems or questions about the letter contact me at 866-7868.
Dino Danzey, Interim Director


Your Help is Needed

Camp Whispering Pines needs volunteers to help with lawn care, cleaning and maintenance.
CWP is also in need of someone who can donate the fixing of the walk in freezer.
CWP is located at 7740 Union Street, Citronelle, 36522. Please call Beverly at 251-866-7868.
Register here: https://mobilebaptists.org/register-for-training-opportunities/
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