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Ask your state legislators to vote against changing the "medical" marijuana law

Yesterday I sent an email that mentioned how the Alabama Legislature was planning to revise the “medical” marijuana law they passed during the 2021 Legislative Session and I told you that they plan to amend the law in order to allow marijuana to get to market sooner than the original bill allows. I said that the amendment would be offered during the 2022 Regular Session that begins in January.

After sending that email I learned that the Legislature is not waiting until January, but rumors are they plan to introduce that amendment NEXT WEEK during the Special Session called by Governor Ivey to address prison reform.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS THIS WEEK AND ASK THEM TO VOTE AGAINST CHANGING THE “MEDICAL” MARIJUANA LAW! It is bad enough that the law passed; now they want to speed up the process which will result in more people getting high on marijuana sooner. To contact your Alabama State Legislators, Click here and enter your zip code - you may be asked to enter your street address too. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find your Alabama State Legislators.

For more information on the dangers of marijuana, an event is scheduled in Andalusia, AL on September 30. The event can be viewed live-stream, but you must register. Click here to register for the event.

Laura Stack, the featured speaker, will also be involved in a webinar sponsored by the Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems (ILCAAAP) organization on October 12, so if you cannot participate in the Andalusia event, perhaps you can participate in the Illinois event. For more information about the ILCAAAP webinar, click here.
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