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The Mobile Baptist

March - May 2023
Volume 26 Issue 1

MBA Office Closings:
April 6, 2023 - Observance of Good Friday (since the office is closed on Fridays)
May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day

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International Ministries News and Events

Days 1 and 2: Pray the unsaved peoples around the world will hear the gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior.

Days 3 and 4: Pray for the international churches and missions in Mobile. Pray and ask God to bless and meet the needs of and to grow these congregations. Pray God will provide workers for open ministry positions within each church.

Days 5 and 6: Pray for the Seafarers Ministry. Pray that God will continue to work through this ministry to share the gospel and win souls for Christ. Ask God to provide more volunteer chaplains, drivers, and visitors to minister to the thousands of crews that visit the Port of Mobile each year.

Day 7: Pray for International Ministries. Ask God to meet the ministry's operational needs so that His kingdom work continues through this ministry.




Seafarer's Ministry

Thanks to each of you, we distributed Christmas gifts to 84 different vessels this year. This means that 1,696 different Seafarers received a personal gift and Christmas card this year. More important than a gift and a Christmas card, was the personal note that God loves them. Each received a salvation tract and the Book of John. A special thank you to the 50 churches and individuals who made this possible

The Seafarers Ministry is a contact/seed-sowing ministry. Praise the LORD for this vital ministry. The LORD is answering requests for men to assist in this ministry. The LORD always provides. If the LORD leads you to join with us, in addition to Port Chaplains, we are asking for Drivers and Ship Visitors. Please contact Gerald Burch to discuss serving as a Driver, a Ship Visitor, and/or Port Chaplain. What an opportunity for 2023!

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2022 International Christmas Celebration Report

The 2022 International Christmas Celebration (ICC) was held in the gym of Moffett Road Baptist Church December third. There were about 110 in attendance with most of the MBA International Churches represented.

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Executive Committee Meeting April 10, 2023

Executive Committee Meeting

Monday, April 10, 2023

11:30 a.m.

Government Street Baptist Church

A meal will be available for $5 p/person.

Essential fellowship over a meal as the enemy uses the same tactics in every church to isolate, discourage and undermine.

Every MBA church member is welcome. Every senior pastor is a member of the Executive Committee. Join us to help communicate why churches support Associational Missions.
  • Future Focus Committee update on the sale of the International Ministries Center building
  • Update from Camp Whispering Pines
  • Ministry reports and training options
***Our Executive Committee has overall responsibility for the directions, strategy, and processes of the MBA. It is composed of the general officers of the Association, the Executive Officer of each of the several Associational programs, the Chair of each standing committee, the pastors of the churches, and one lay member of each church in the Association having a membership of up to and including 1,000, and one additional member for each additional 1,000 members or fraction thereof, providing that no church shall have more than a total of four members.

Church Development Training Opportunities and Events

Click here to register for a training event.

Associational Bible Drill & Speaker Tournament

Thursday, April 13, 2023
Check - in begins at - 4:30 p.m., Drills begin at 5:00 p.m.

Please contact the MBA office to let us know if your church has drillers and/or speakers this year. Email or call 251-661-7111.

VBS Clinic

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Dauphin Way Baptist Church

Training and classes for ALL VBS workers no matter what curriculum used.


Register here: https://mobilebaptists.org/register-for-training-opportunities/

Register here: https://mobilebaptists.org/register-for-training-opportunities/

Metro Mobile Baptist Campus Ministries

Dinner on the Grounds BBQ Cook-off and Cake Auction April 14, 2023


Join with us to support BCM collegiate missions with a BBQ Dinner and a Baked Goods Auction that will feature some of the best bakers Mobile Baptist Churches have to offer! This year “Dinner on the Grounds” will be Friday, April 14 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Baptist Student Center.

Will you prepare some BBQ for this event? You can grill, smoke, or BBQ any meat of your choice. Smoke a Boston Butt, grill some burgers or chicken or BBQ some ribs. We also need you to invite as many of your church members to come and enjoy this great night of fellowship and missions support. Will you help us support collegiate missions? If you would, please contact Campus Minister Jerrod Brown to reserve a spot (jbrown@alsbom.org).

Will you prepare one of your famous baked goods for this event? We know that every church has those great bakers who make their special desserts that everyone loves. Would you share those delicious creations with us to support collegiate missions? All we ask is that you prepare your famous baked goods, packaged on a disposable plate or pan, and invite as many of your church members to come and bid on your dessert! Will you help us support collegiate missions? If you would, please contact Campus Minister Jerrod Brown to reserve a spot (jbrown@alsbom.org).

Will you purchase tickets for this event (even if you cannot attend)? We would love to have you with us for this event. Your ticket purchase will help support collegiate missions. If you would, please contact Campus Minister Jerrod Brown (jbrown@alsbom.org) for details on tickets and how to purchase them.
Come home to YOUR
Camp Whispering Pines!
CWP has projects large and small that can be completed by individuals or groups of volunteers. If you are willing and able to share your time and talents with CWP, please contact them today.

Top Volunteer projects:

1. Work on erosion on downhill basketball court
2. Build sidewalk in front of hotel
3. Complete underside (install wood and paint) of Activity Center portico
4. Build concrete driveway under Activity Center portico
5. Various paint jobs
6. Chainsaw work—large tree behind the Chapel
7. Repair walk-in freezer. Install walk-in cooler (on site)
8. Plumber needed for various projects (changing out toilets and sinks)
9. Updating and repairs to Oakdale Pavilion (needs new roof ASAP)
10. Repair director house on campground


This Camp Relief Fund is essential for the camp to survive. If your church has not yet participated in the Covid related Relief Fund, please do so now.

THANK YOU to all who have given thus far.

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Register for camps at campwhisperingpines.com or call


The Wright Word March - May 2023

Wright Word, March - May 2023
Thomas Wright, Associational Missionary

Emphasizing Biblical Prayer, Evangelistic Ministries, Church Development, Church Planting, Partnership Missions

The Shepherd
John 10 provides an excellent look at shepherds and sheep. Verse one warns about thieves sneaking in to harm the sheep. Verse two introduces the shepherd as protector and provider. In verses 12-13 Jesus distinguishes between the hireling and the shepherd. He says in verse 13 “The man runs because he is a hired hand and is not concerned about the sheep” (AMP). The Shepherd needs to protect the flock from individuals who want to impose their will on the rest of the congregation. The health and future of the church suffer when the wolves are given victory. Shepherds need to maintain the difficult responsibility to protect the flock.

Members need to encourage biblical leadership that looks outward. They need to prohibit individuals from imposing personal preferences on the rest of the congregations.

Springtime Outreach Events/Evangelistic Party Trailer
It is time to restart outreach events by each church in each community. Research indicates people need to hear a message at least five times for it to be remembered or acted upon. This is why you see the same commercial repeated many times.

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News from the Churches:

Alabama Baptist Children's Home Foster Parent Training

The Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes is pleased to announce foster parent training classes will begin March 21, 2023. The classes will be held every Tuesday night at 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. for 10 consecutive weeks until May 23, 2023. We will also have interest meetings on February 28 and March 9 at 6:00 p.m. for participants to learn what to expect from the classes. To sign up for an interest meeting please call 251-639-1022 or email hfore@alabamachild.org. For more information about our foster care program check out our webpage https://www.alabamachild.org/fostercare

Haley D. Walker, LMSW
Area Director, Southwest Alabama

Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes
6512 Grelot Road
Mobile, AL 36695

I Thank God by the Amazing Greys April 11, 2023

Click here to see the January 2023 Receipts Report

Please review the year to date receipts report. Our ministries thrive through the sacrificial support of so many churches. Many church members are surprised to learn their church provides no, or minimal support, to the Cooperative Program nor the MBA.

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Mobile Baptist Association Emphasizing:
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