The Wright Word December 2019 – February 2020

Bring Good News and Proclaim Peace
Encouragement to Mobile Baptists is provided in Nahum 1:15, “Look, there on the mountains, the feet of one who brings good news, who proclaims peace! (NIV)” The followers of Jesus have the incredible honor to bring good news and proclaim peace to Mobile County and beyond. Our Saturate Mobile emphasis helps to challenge and coordinate our churches to touch every home in order to pray for and share Jesus with every person in our County.


Saturate Mobile October 2019 – October 2020
The Evangelistic Ministries/Missions Committee is challenging MBA churches to Saturate Mobile County with prayer and gospel witness. Registration provides a map of your zip code(s) and enough free materials to saturate that zip code(s). Churches in the same zip code will work together, to pray for, and share literature with every home. Free materials include a door hanger bag, Jesus Movie CD and a tract. Churches also can include information about their church and a New Testament. Visit for more information.  

Annual Missions Celebration 2019
Thank you to Woodridge Baptist Church for hosting the 2019 dinner, missions fair and missions celebration. The moderators and leaders continue to explore ways to make celebrating associational missions as convenient as possible. Many large associations are meeting on Sunday night to promote fellowship and missions focus. It is not unreasonable to ask churches to spend one night a year to look outward and receive a missions challenge. Cooperation can be cumbersome, but it is biblical and necessary.  The two-hour program helped church leaders understand why cooperative missions is important. It provided clear testimony for churches to continue financially supporting the work of the MBA. Meeting on Sunday night provides an opportunity for Mobile Baptists to cooperatively celebrate missions and worship together with a myriad of languages and cultures. Please place next year’s celebration on your calendar, October 4, 2020 at 3Circle Church Midtown.  

Bobby Morton and Chuck Davis Retirements
The fast passage of time continues to prove we were intended for eternity. Bobby Morton retired October 6, 2019. Rev. Gerald Burch has accepted that part-time position. He and Brenda retired from the IMB and are well known to Mobile Baptists.

Chuck Davis has announced his retirement for August 19, 2020. He will complete 30 years with the MBA on March 15, 2020. The Personnel Committee will convene a study group to examine the strategy and functions of the Church Development Ministry area and adapt the Job Description for approval.

Intercession for the MBA Staff on Your Prayer Lists
Jesus gave the example of praying for other believers in John 17. Your associational staff face challenges every day as we consult with church leaders and members. We need wisdom and direction as we consult in church conflict, staff changes, growth options, building needs, disaster relief and every other component of church life. Please add us to your Wednesday night prayer list. Please pray that financial needs are met.

Future Focus Committee (FFC) Update
Please pray for the FFC and the location to combine our two current facilities.

  1. The IMC facility is under contract with a contingency to rezone. Please pray for closing to occur on schedule in December.
  2. The FFC has a unanimously approved assignment from the October 2014 Annual Session to sell and combine the IMC and MBA office building. Expenses will stay within the amount received from the sale.
  3. The efficiency at the Port of Mobile now allows ships to unload and load in as little as 8 hours. Additional security measures also reduces the number of seafarers who can get off the ship. We have entire weeks now with no or few seafarers able to get off.
  4. We are awaiting the Lord to provide a donation of the 3.5 to 5 developed acres, or an existing 8-10,000 sf facility. The income from the sale of both buildings is not adequate to build on undeveloped property.
  5. Myers Memorial Baptist Church is allowing us to store furniture from the IMC.  
  6. The International Ministries van is at the MBA office. Teams continue to go to the ships with great evangelistic ministry.
  7. We will wait to sell the MBA office until a new location is completed using proceeds from the IMC. MBA Finance and Executive Committees have approved a possible bridge loan from the MBA until the MBA office sells.  
  8. Committee members continue to approach individuals, and MBA and other congregations, to help find an existing 8-12,000 sf building. Options so far have not been viable due to location or refurbishing needed.
  9. Please continue praying, looking and talking to find the person who will be the answer to the prayers for a new location.

Churches Seeking Pastors and New Pastors
Welcome pastor Derek Allen to FBC Tillman’s Corner. Churches seeking a pastor: Dayspring, Faith (Mobile). FBC Satsuma, Riverside, Shiloh, Spring Hill, Turnerville, West Mobile, Woodridge, and Vietnamese Obedience.

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