Shrink the Divide July 24, 2018

An area-wide “SHRINK THE DIVIDE” gathering is TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the MOBILE CIVIC CENTER THEATER. This gathering is to help unify the Mobile area; regardless of skin color or denominational background.

This “SHRINK THE DIVIDE” gathering, sponsored by The Pledge Group of Mobile, will feature two nationally known speakers: Dr. John Perkins and Dr. Russell Moore.

Dr. Perkins is the 88 year-old “Dean of Christian Racial Reconciliation” in the US with a heart-felt message of forgiveness and love. Dr. Moore is the national head of Ethics and Religious Liberty for the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Pledge Group of several hundred lay and clergy leaders of the greater Mobile area, who are personally concerned about the racial divisions within our communities and within the Body of Christ, have been meeting for over 3 years. It is an organic, relationship-based movement.

The single and clear goal of the Pledge Group is: “to love our neighbor and reject our tendency to distance ourselves from those who are different from us.

For a “taste” of what The Pledge Group is about:

  • watch the 2 minute video via this Vimeo link:
  • go to for bulletin inserts, social media graphics and to find out more about The Pledge Group and the ”SHRINK THE DIVIDE” gathering

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