MBA Disaster Relief

The Mobile Baptist Association Disaster Relief Ministry is prepared to respond to damage or needs that arise from natural disasters. Below is a link to response information including a description of the MBA response process, assessment forms and a church ministries survey form. You may want to download and print this information so you have it if the power goes down.

Please update and send us your ministries survey form to confirm your facility’s availability as a feeding station, supply storage and distribution center, or to house volunteer teams, and the multitude of other options.

Briefly, in the event of a hurricane, or other disaster, the MBA office will serve as the Command Center for SBC response. We will establish an alternate center if damage dictates the change. Our trained “yellow caps” will begin assessments of damage immediately. Each church can help by downloading, completing and bringing us an initial assessment of the damages to your facility and community. Please also let us know if there are no damages to your facility and community. We will confirm damages and prioritize needs. This will help with our allocation of repair teams and supplies.

It is our intent to repair churches quickly so they can serve as the hub for community assessment, resource allocation, supplies distribution and home repair.

Your missions tithe to the Cooperative Program, State Board of Missions and Mobile Association make possible the infrastructure and training to be able to respond immediately and effectively. Thank you!

You can download all of the DR resources by clicking here!

Are you interested in receiving training in order to be a part of our Disaster Relief Team?  Just sign up here!


Why should you become a trained volunteer?

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Carolyn Battle
Volunteer MBA Disaster Relief Coordinator


Deputy Disaster Relief Coordinator (MSC)





  • Serve with Carolyn Battle to lead the MBA Disaster Relief preparation and response.

  • Help enlist and train DR coordinators in each MBA church.

  • Assist with the development and management of the MBA DR fleet of response vehicles.

  • Assist with volunteer coordination following a disaster.