Mobile Baptist Association

"Serving Together to Make an Eternal Difference"
A Fellowship of 109 Southern Baptist Churches in Mobile County
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MBA Guide to Biblical Prayer

Our guide to Biblical Prayer.

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 381.5 KB Download 80
What is the Role of DOM

What is the role of the DOM? (Formerly published as DOMs for Dummies)

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 68.33 KB Download 55
Introduction to the MBA

Your official introduction to the Mobile Baptist Association - PowerPoint Format

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 73 KB Download 45
Evangelistic Ministries Committee Training

Training guide for the Evangelistic Ministries Committee. 

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 176.5 KB Download 49
Prayer Walking

The MBA's PowerPoint guide to prayerwalking.

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 472 KB Download 71
Searching for a Pastor

This is the Mobile Baptist Association's guide to searching for a pastor in PowerPoint Format.

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 253 KB Download 64
Understanding Associations

Handout on understanding Baptist associations in Alabama. 

Date 2011-05-12 Filesize 444.37 KB Download 59