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2014 Annual Missions Celebration (Annual Session) Ministry Reports

Click on the links below to see the different ministry area reports given at the Celebration.

BCM Annual Report 2013-2014

CDM Annual Report 2013-2014

CWP Annual Report 2013-2014

IMC Annual Report 2013-2014

DOM Annual Report 2013-2014

LEAD Report

Future Focus Committee Report

file icon pptx 2014 DOM annual session PPT.pptx

file icon ppt 2014 Ann Sess CDM PPT MAIN FILE date 11-4-14 AM - Copy.ppt

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2013 Annual Missions Celebration (Annual Meeting) Report

Fulton Road Baptist Church were wonderful hosts to the October 10, 2013 Annual Missions Celebration. There were 96 messengers present, 86 visitors, and 12 MBA staff for a total of 194. There were 53 children and leaders at the Children's Mission Madness. Thank you for those who were able to attend.

MBA Ministry Reports given at the Celebration:

BCM Annual Report 2012-2013

CDM Annual Report 2012-2013

CWP Annual Report 2012-2013

IMC Annual Report 2012-2013

DOM Annual Report 2012-2013


PowerPointIcon Click here for the 2013 DOM powerpoint presentation.