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Leadership Equipping And Development

Registration is Now Open for the Spring 2015 Semester of Study
There will be two courses offered:


(Each 3 credit hours)


Monday Night - 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. - Begins February 2, 2015, and ends May 11, 2015. CLS1114 Old Testament Survey – Rev. Mike Bedford, College Park Baptist Church

Tuesday Night - 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. - Begins February 3, 2015, and ends May 12, 2015. CLL1113 Baptist Heritage and Practice – Dr. James Mercer, Hollinger’s Island Baptist Church


Costs: $30 Registration Fee (for new students only) plus $95 per semester hour ($285) payable upon registration. 

Classes may be taken for Diploma/Certificate Credit (not graduate level), or may be Audited (no tests or written assignments). 

Potential and or continuing students should call Gerald Burch at 251-378-1116 for an appointment to register. 

We continue to get information on LEAD-MBA CLD Classes to the MBA church leaders, but word is not getting into the hands of the membership. Please help spread the word!


This is a post high school level of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Contextualized Leadership Development – CLD) program with 4 different certificates, or 3 different diplomas. These certificate/diploma programs are designed to provide seminary training for deacons, elders, SS teachers, church staff, and qualified church members who are interested in honing their skills in biblical studies and church ministries.

 For additional information and assistance with registration please contact

Gerald Burch at 661-7111 or by email.



 Costs: $30 Registration Fee plus $95 per credit hour ($285) payable upon registration.

Classes may be taken for Diploma/Certificate Credit (not graduate level), or may be Audited (no tests or written assignments).


There are 3 different diplomas offered:

Diploma in Christian Ministries (24 credit hours of required studies)

Diploma in Church Planting (52 credit hours of required studies)

Diploma in Theology (52 credit hours of required studies)


There are 4 different certificates offered (each of these certificates requires 12 credit hours of studies):

Bible Teaching Certificate

Mission Studies Certificate

Pastoral Ministry Certificate

Small Church Leadership Certificate


There will be a $35 initial registration fee plus a charge of $95 per course hour. Additionally, the student will be expected to purchase his/her own required text book(s). Classes may be taken for certificate/diploma credit or may be audited (no tests or written reports).

Student applicants must have been a Christian for one year (the applicant will be required to submit a personal testimony of salvation), have his/her church endorsement (church of membership), sign an Ethical Code of Conduct form, and be at least age 21.

For more information, please contact Gerald Burch via email or phone at 251-661-7111.