EPT – Evangelistic Party Trailer Training

There will be an Evangelistic Party Trailer (EPT) training Thursday May 11, 5:30 p.m. at Bayou Sara Baptist Church (12, Bayou Sara Avenue, Saraland). The training will take place Rain or shine. A light meal will be provided. Please RSVP to be sure enough food is available. As you recall training is required to help us be the best stewards possible of this marvelous resource. Bro. Thomas Wright will lead the training which includes practical lessons how to conduct an effective evangelistic event and how to set up and take down the contents of the trailer. Visit ept.mobilebaptists.org for more details on the EPT.

We continue to see great results from churches using our EPTs. We have seen over 2,000 decisions directly attributed to these creative evangelistic outreach events. The EPTs are available to all MBA churches for $250 plus a $100 refundable deposit. The rental value of items in the trailer is over $1,200. The fee allows us to replace normal wear and tear on the contents.

Churches wanting to use the EPTs must be certified (or recertified if training not up to date)  through training. The MBA provides trainings for groups of at least 10 to learn how to use, unpack, and repack the EPTs. Contact Thomas Wright to schedule training for a group of at least 10 people. It has become necessary to charge an additional refundable $100 deposit to ensure the trailer is returned clean, dry, and with all of its contents. The deposit will be used to reimburse individuals that have to clean, restock, and repair the trailers that are returned in an unsatisfactory condition.

Visit ept.mobilebaptists.org for more information.

Click here to request an EPT training event.
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