Saturate Mobile

  1. Sign-up – Choose a zip code from the list below and choose if you want to be a Host Church or a Participating Church.
  2. Adopt – if you are a host church, go to and adopt the zip code you chose. (Participating Churches will contact the Host Church to let them know they will help.)
  3. Receive – Saturate USA will send the Host Church materials for FREE! The Materials will include: door hangers, gospel tracts, multi-language Jesus films, maps of the zip codes (Including carrier routes), and other helpful information. 
  4. Assemble – Host churches will cooperate with the Participating Churches to assemble packets and devise a strategy to cover the adopted area. Include information about your church in each packet. Contact the MBA office for a Church Info Card Publisher file or click the following link for the card in pdf: Church Info Card.pdf
  5. Saturate – Go out and deliver saturate packets to your entire area. This can be done in a couple weeks, or an entire year, depending on your goals and schedule.
  6. ReportHost churches report When the coverage is complete. Mark it completed on the zip code you adopted at, and do the same at Also, report any testimonies, pictures or videos.  

Special note:  Because many churches will not hear about this outreach until the annual meeting (October 6, 2019), we ask Host churches to give a few weeks after the annual meeting before they assemble and distribute material, giving the other churches in the same zip code time to sign-up.

Fill out and submit the form below to sign-up.

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