Executive Committee Meeting April 13, 2020

Executive Committee Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2020

Noon – 1:00 p.m.
via Zoom (online meeting)

We will hold the meeting via the online medium, Zoom. A link will be made available for you to join in, via your device.

Every MBA church member is welcome. Every senior pastor is a member of the Executive Committee. Join us to help communicate why churches support Associational Missions.

  • Future Focus Committee will have an important update on the sale of the International Ministries Center/building
  • Reports from the ministry areas on how we are proceeding in spite of the economic and social limitations
  • Meet Jimmy Tucker, new Camp Director and hear the significant challenges that met his arrival

* Membership Committee recommendation to welcome a congregation into watchcare

* Report and recommendation from the Budget and  Finance Committee

* To be voted on

***Our Executive Committee has overall responsibility for the directions, strategy, and processes of the MBA. It is composed of the general officers of the Association, the Executive Officer of each of the several Associational programs, the Chair of each standing committee, the pastors of the churches, and one lay member of each church in the Association having a membership of up to and including 1,000, and one additional member for each additional 1,000 members or fraction thereof, providing that no church shall have more than a total of four members.

Disaster Relief Training Opportunities

Mobile Baptist Association plans to  provide

Disaster Relief Training in the areas of Childcare and Shower/Laundry on
May 2, 2020
at Airport Boulevard Baptist Church.

Please make plans to attend if you are interested in these classes, with the understanding that plans may change.Register at https://alsbom-gm.org/quick_reg.cfm. The MBA continues to monitor conditions and recommendations as the current crisis unfolds.

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief are offering all training classes at the State DR Center in Prattville. The dates and times are online. Go to sbdr.org/events for details and registration. You will also see training opportunities all over the state, which you are welcome to attend.

Volunteer Port Chaplains Needed

International Ministries need several Volunteer Port Chaplains who can drive to and from the ships. The chaplains need to lead Bible Studies on the ships at various times. Volunteers must pass a background check for TWIC access to the ships. Please contact Gerald Burch for more information, via email or 251-661-7111.

International Language School (ILS) Needs

The ILS offers beginning, intermediate and advanced English as a Second Language classes. They often offer Spanish classes as well.  Contact Kim via email or 251.533.2911 to register.

This ministry to internationals in Mobile is financially supported by gifts from MBA churches. We are deeply grateful for all financial contributions to International Ministries and for volunteers who teach and show hospitality in the Language School. Businesses, churches, and individuals are encouraged to sponsor students by giving money for language Bibles, books, and supplies. You are welcome to donate any amount, as the Lord leads. Please contact Gerald Burch or Kim Wilson if you would like to help.    

How You Can Help:
1) donate hospitality items – bottled water, tea bags, fresh bread or pastries, and K-cups
2) being a childcare worker/tutor – Students with small children are not able to focus and study during class with small children in tow.
3) donating your time – We need individuals to help serve refreshments during tea time, help with office work, and teach.
4) praying – We need prayer partners to pray for the students and teachers. Pray that God’s Glory will be made known in and through this ministry. 

Please bring the above mentioned items to the Associational office (616 Azalea Road) or contact Kim Wilson at 251.533.2911 or via email.

New Church Start has Immediate Needs

As the new church, One Hope Mobile, gets ready for a launch, they are hopeful some SBC churches in Mobile County will help with some foundational needs.

Immediate needs:

  • 100 Chairs
  • Sound Equipment

Other needs:

  • 50″ TV
  • Locking storage cabinet
  • 6, 8ft. tables

Here is the church’s website, in case you want to know who you are supporting: https://onehopemobile.org

Contact pastor Tim Jensen, pastor@onehopemobile.org, 251-525-1120.

Guidelines for Supporting Parachurch Ministries 

Church members and pastors often receive requests from parachurch ministries asking for financial and volunteer help. Churches and individuals must practice diligent stewardship for any group they support. 

Churches need to confirm the requester’s biblical theology, church polity, financial integrity and personal accountability.  

Often, it is a disadvantage to choose parachurch ministries instead of denominational ministries. Parachurch ministries rely on churches but are NOT accountable to those churches who support them. Avoid parachurch ministries led by entrepreneurs who reject external guidelines from a church, denomination or their board. They often provide ministries that are less efficient and effective than ministries done cooperatively by denominations and churches. 

Here are seven essential guidelines before supporting a parachurch ministry or individual:

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Sexual Abuse in Southern Baptist Churches and the Need for Background Checks

The recent documentation of extensive sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches is shocking. For more than 20 years, the Mobile Baptist Association (MBA) has encouraged churches to perform a background check on every ministerial candidate and every worker. Consultation also advises never to have just one worker in children’s classrooms or just two from the same family.

Our MBA office makes it easier for churches by providing background checks for our churches at a nominal fee for the check. A form from the MBA would need to be submitted for the background check to be done. Lifeway also has a streamlined background check process. Visit https://www.lifeway.com/en/services/church-administration/background-checks?intcmp=SRDR-background-checks. One recent background check discovered a candidate on the Sex Offender Registry in Florida. He was immediately disqualified. The sin was forgiven, but the legal consequences remain. Another consideration for small churches is some information about juveniles under age 19 may be sealed. So past offenses may not be reported. A form for anyone under 19 would have to have parental permission and signature.  

Church leaders need to recognize the scope of the problem and take immediate steps to protect every person in the ministries of the church. This upcoming training is particularly advisable: Protecting the Children, February 26, 6:30 p.m. at the MBA office.  Click here to for more information and to register.

Visit the following link to additional resources and recommendations: https://alsbom.org/safe/.  

MBA Accomplishments Over the Last 10 Years

Mobile Baptist Association (MBA) 2005- 2015
C. Thomas Wright for the Future Focus Committee 

Churches need to be diligent stewards of where they invest missions giving and volunteer time. Unfortunately, churches and individual believers routinely support parachurch organizations or individuals that have unbiblical theology, compromised financial procedures, improper polity, and limited eternal return on the investment of missions’ money and volunteer time.

MBA Executive Committee Reports provide extensive evidence of effective associational philosophy, strategy and function. Due diligence toward the MBA will confirm conservative biblical theology, excellent financial procedures, SBC polity and an eternal difference for their investment of missions giving and volunteer time.

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Welcome “Poundings” for the Tuckers April 2020

Welcome “Poundings” for the Tuckers

The new Camp Whispering Pines (CWP) Director and his family have arrived. Jimmy, Ashley, Jolea and George have moved into the CWP staff house and begun ministry.

Please join in welcoming them with a “Pounding.” Gift cards to Amazon, Target or Walmart are preferred. Future publicity will include registry links.

There are two opportunities to attend:

The MBA Personnel Committee (JT Wright, chair) will host a “Pounding” on Sunday, April 19, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the MBA office. Light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP via email, or 251-661-7111.

The Camp Committee (Mike Bedford, chair) will host a second “Pounding” on Sunday, April 26, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at Camp Whispering Pines. A tour of the refurbished staff house will follow. Please RSVP to beverlycwp@gmail.com or 251-866-7868.

Please RSVP via email, 251-661-7111; or beverlycwp@gmail.com, 251-866-7868.

Update on State and Regional Bible Drill

The Coronavirus is affecting all of us and we are praying for safety for everyone. We regret for this year only, we are canceling our Regional Bible Drills.

We are planning to reschedule the Alabama State Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament for a later date by using the government recommendations.

 Associational and Regional Drills

All drills will be done at the local church location. No timeframe is given for these drills and can be conducted after the church resumes a normal schedule. Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions will provide drill calls for the church, associational and regional drills. Please email Belinda Stroud, bstroud@alsbom.org to receive these drills. We will also be providing a video of all three of our Regional Drills Calls for churches to use if you so desire. You may email Belinda Stroud, bstroud@alsbom.org for these videos. Please state which drill calls you need: Children, Youth, and/or High School.

These provisions should be used only after government authorities indicate that group gatherings are once again advisable.

The Alabama State Board of Missions will be happy to mail churches associational and regional stickers for their drillers who meet the requirements for these drills. Please email requests for those to Belinda Stroud, bstroud@alsbom.orgNote: these will not be available for mailing until the State Board of Missions facility reopens.

Children’s Awards:

We will mail the 3rd year awards to your church. Please email requests for those to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org.

Youth/High School Awards:

These include youth 3 year medal, 6 year drill youth award trophy, 9 year drill high school award trophy. These will be awarded at this year’s state drill. If the driller does not attend the 2020 state drill, they will be awarded at the 2021 regional drills. Please email requests for those to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org.

Advancing to State Drill:

The State Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament date and location will be determined by the end of May. Youth and High School drillers must score 270 points or better in order to advance to the State Bible Dill. Please submit the names to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org by May 31, 2020.

All speakers will advance to the State Drill. Please send written copies of speeches and a video of your speech to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org by May 1, 2020. These will be judged and we will announce the winners of the speech competition by May 31, 2020. The winners will be able to share their speeches at the State Bible Drill later this summer.

The National Invitational Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament has been canceled for 2020. However, Alabama State Drill Winners and Speaker Winner will be allowed to attend the 2021 National Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament.

Thank you so much for your support during this challenging time for all of us. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Update on State and Regional Bible Drill