Cooperative Missions Giving

Cooperative Missions Giving PowerPoint

PowerPointIcon Click here for a PowerPoint presentation to help explain missions giving through the Cooperative Program and the MBA. Please consider presenting this to your Finance Committee, Wednesday night group, small groups or Sunday School classes. Any of the MBA staff would be happy to make the presentation for you.

Impact Mobile Associational Missions Offering

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Cooperative missions is an important Southern Baptist distinctive that is often not understood in our pews. Please invite one of the MBA staff to set up a display in your church, or to speak anytime during the year.

The Impact Mobile offering provides an opportunity for churches that may not have financially supported cooperative missions in their Jerusalem as much as they would have liked. It also assists those churches who use regular special offerings as their primary means to raise missions support. We are grateful for the churches that provide a portion of their missions tithe through the budget, and understand those churches may choose not to promote this offering. This is an “above the tithe” missions offering to assist the ministries and emphases of the MBA to make an eternal difference in Mobile County. Your sacrificial missions tithes allow us to provide MBA sponsored trainings and consultations to dozens of pastors, staff and members about every aspect of growing, maintaining and managing a church. Please consider participating in the “Impact Mobile Associational Missions Offering.”

Visit for more information and to download promotional materials.


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Annual Missions Celebration October 7, 2018

EVERY church member is welcome and encouraged to attend; not just messengers. Messengers are the ones who vote on matters that require a vote, but anyone can attend as a visitor.

Our moderators and leaders continue to explore ways to make celebrating associational missions as convenient as possible.

Please relocate your evening service to join us. The two-hour program will provide an overview of missions work across the county. It can help church leaders understand why cooperative missions is important. It provides clear testimony for churches to continue financially supporting the work of the MBA.

Sunday night provides an opportunity for Mobile Baptists to celebrate missions cooperatively and worship together with a myriad of languages and cultures. Please join us.

Hurricane Florence Response

SBC Disaster Recovery Managers ask not to load and send trailers full of items. It is expensive and labor intensive to load, transport, unload, STORE, and distribute, Give generously

through, or through the MBA. The MBA is collecting gift cards and funds to deliver to SBC command centers on the front lines. Please remember faith-based organizations are better equipped to meet spiritual needs and provide emotional comfort than secular response teams.

The BEST response is to provide:

  1. Funds to the state convention or association on the front lines of the disaster. MBA DR can take your donation at the MBA and will send it to the highest need area. 
  2. Gift cards are easy to collect, transport and distribute, a gift card allows the person to get the specific food, clothing, cleaning or repair supplies they need. Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart will be open as soon as generators and facilities are deemed safe. Fast food options will be welcome if they have been eating from feeding units. 
  3. If you have contact with a specific church, with a specific needs list, then load up a box truck and take it to that specific location. Remember the needs change every 3-5 days, so collection and transportation often means arriving with obsolete requests. Remember roads may be closed and crowded for an extended time. Everything you take will need to be unloaded, stored and distributed, taking volunteers from other essential tasks. 
  4. Remember trained volunteers with credentials will have access prior to untrained volunteers.
  5. Secular response options are not equipped to meet spiritual needs among hurting people.