Alabama Baptist D-Life Boot Camp February 24, 2018

Living the D-Life means living a lifestyle of discipleship. Think about it. What if you could successfully equip everyone in your ministry for a life of discipleship—anytime and anywhere?

This is the purpose of D-Life. D-Life is not a program; it’s a lifestyle. It’s an organic, intentional, and simple process for equipping all believers for a life of making and multiplying disciples. D-Life is biblical, multi-generational, and reproducible. The Bible and the D-Life Web App or D-Life Journal are the only tools needed to equip leaders to lead and multiply D Groups of 3 to 8.

The best way for a church or ministry to begin living the D-Life is to equip leaders in a D-Life Boot Camp. D-Life Boot Camps are designed to train believers to use the D-Life Web App or Journal for a life of discipleship. Ministries that equip their leaders through a boot camp are seeing great results.

D-Life author and trainer, Dr. Bill Wilks, has led D-Life training in churches, ministries, and associations across the country. The Alabama Baptist, Life Bible Study, and several others are sponsoring two D-Life Boot Camp opportunities with Dr. Wilks for Alabama Baptists.

For more information about D-Life or to register for a boot camp go to:

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