Update on State and Regional Bible Drill

The Coronavirus is affecting all of us and we are praying for safety for everyone. We regret for this year only, we are canceling our Regional Bible Drills.

We are planning to reschedule the Alabama State Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament for a later date by using the government recommendations.

 Associational and Regional Drills

All drills will be done at the local church location. No timeframe is given for these drills and can be conducted after the church resumes a normal schedule. Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions will provide drill calls for the church, associational and regional drills. Please email Belinda Stroud, bstroud@alsbom.org to receive these drills. We will also be providing a video of all three of our Regional Drills Calls for churches to use if you so desire. You may email Belinda Stroud, bstroud@alsbom.org for these videos. Please state which drill calls you need: Children, Youth, and/or High School.

These provisions should be used only after government authorities indicate that group gatherings are once again advisable.

The Alabama State Board of Missions will be happy to mail churches associational and regional stickers for their drillers who meet the requirements for these drills. Please email requests for those to Belinda Stroud, bstroud@alsbom.orgNote: these will not be available for mailing until the State Board of Missions facility reopens.

Children’s Awards:

We will mail the 3rd year awards to your church. Please email requests for those to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org.

Youth/High School Awards:

These include youth 3 year medal, 6 year drill youth award trophy, 9 year drill high school award trophy. These will be awarded at this year’s state drill. If the driller does not attend the 2020 state drill, they will be awarded at the 2021 regional drills. Please email requests for those to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org.

Advancing to State Drill:

The State Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament date and location will be determined by the end of May. Youth and High School drillers must score 270 points or better in order to advance to the State Bible Dill. Please submit the names to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org by May 31, 2020.

All speakers will advance to the State Drill. Please send written copies of speeches and a video of your speech to Julie Smith, jsmith@alsbom.org by May 1, 2020. These will be judged and we will announce the winners of the speech competition by May 31, 2020. The winners will be able to share their speeches at the State Bible Drill later this summer.

The National Invitational Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament has been canceled for 2020. However, Alabama State Drill Winners and Speaker Winner will be allowed to attend the 2021 National Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament.

Thank you so much for your support during this challenging time for all of us. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Update on State and Regional Bible Drill

MBA is Committed to You and Your Church

The MBA continues to monitor conditions and recommendations as the current pandemic unfolds. As information and resources become available, we are doing our best to get them to you via mobilebaptists.org/coronavirus, facebook.com/mobilebaptistassociation and twitter.com @mobilebaptists.

5.4.2020 – With the current statewide Safer at Home Order, the MBA office is again open and staff are working in the office again with reduced hours, Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Resources

Updated 5.11.2020

Follow us on facebook/mobilebaptistassociation and these weekly email news alerts for updates and observations on how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What churches meeting in person again looks like?

Guidelines for Places of Worship from alabamapublichealth.gov

Preparing for What’s Next (Getting Ready to Reopen) – Your Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions has developed a document that will help you ask the right questions, consider helpful suggestions and access a variety of resources as you begin to prepare for the process of reopening your church facilities. Click here to download a pdf or visit alsbom.org/reopen.

Governor Ivey’s current Safer at Home Order Amended May 8, 2020

          Click here to read the full order.

3. Non-work related gatherings. Effective May 11, 2020, all non-work related gatherings of any size that cannot maintain a consistent six-foot distance between persons from different households are prohibited.

Organizers of religious gatherings are strongly encouraged to read and implement the Alabama Department of Public Health’s “Guidelines for Places of Worship,” available at

Coronavirus Resources for You and Your Church:

4 Ways to do VBS this Summer – Visit vbs.lifeway.com

In these new and uncharted waters, we are all looking for resources to aid us in ministering to our church families. LifeWay is hoping to help you do that, especially as so many churches will not be gathering together for a few weeks. In order to make it as easy as possible for you, LifeWay has compiled all of our Free COVID-19 resources onto one webpage. Here is the link to the page: lifeway.com/coronavirus

Church, Family Resources Made Available In Response To COVID-19

Online Resources for Small Groups

COVID-19 & Teaching Remotely

Check out this linked article that includes several ways of online methods to reach church members, as well as several FREE digital training and teaching materials from LifeWay for adults and kids.

Ken Braddy – Encouraging & Equipping Sunday School & Small Groups

Ken Braddy Jr. is LifeWay’s Director of Sunday School, Manager of LifeWay Christian Resource’s Adult Ongoing Bible Studies & Adult Trainers, education pastor 20+ years, author, conference leader, and blogger. 

Click on this link which include studies from Explore the Bible, Bible Studies for Life, and The Gospel Project.

Free Bible Study Resources:

LifeWay provides a Kids-At-Home resource for families to use for Sunday School / Bible Study – accessible at http://digitalpass.lifeway.com/, and they have also added LifeWay Preschoolers-At-Home.

LifeWay Kids at Home which allows parents to log-in and have access to Bible Studies For Life’s Lesson Video, Missions Video, Gospel Presentation Video, and an Activity Page and Parents’ Conversation Page.

Free Access to Online Sunday School Curriculum: The Gospel Project, Explore the Bible, and Bible Studies for Life, available for all four age groups (Preschool, Kids, Students, and Adults) in a digital format for your use. Lead  classes remotely with this material (or for you to give access and/or activity pages to your church families). – https://curriculum.lifeway.com/


Free Training Tools – lifeway.com/coronavirus


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